Percolate's Director of Communications Design on why keeping a diary changed her entire perspective on the creative process, and how it may change yours, too

We all know that storytelling is a powerful tool to connect with an audience—but how are great stories created? I’ve found keeping diaries to be really helpful when trying to tell a story—about a trip, a piece of design, or even a company.

The first time I realized that diaries could be used to inspire design projects and tell stories was on a summer road trip in 2010. While driving around the U.S. with a friend in a Plymouth Voyager, I kept a diary where I wrote down little notes every day, took heaps of photos, and used a Flip camera to record video. After the trip ended, I realized that between the diary and all the photos and footage, I had collected a huge amount of content that I could turn into cool stuff. From there, it was clear the power a diary could have on the design and creative process.

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