Target Open House is the brand's retail space (and laboratory) showcasing smarthome technology

Target has brought the Internet of Things to life in its newest retail concept, Target Open House in San Francisco.

Located in the Metreon shopping center, Target Open House is a retail space, a lab and a meeting place for the public interested in tech. Target, who is looking to strengthen its connection to Silicon Valley startups, felt that while people understand the Internet of Things in practice, they have trouble conceptualizing how these devices actually function in the home.

This space recreates a home with all the smart devices connected to one another—Mimo baby monitors, Sonos speakers, Philips Hue lightbulbs and Nest thermostats are amongst some of the 35 products that are on display. The products are lined on tabletops with explanations beside them and they are also placed in situ in rooms of the acrylic showroom, to show how they would be integrated into the home. These vignettes show ‘real-life' situations such as having a baby monitor connected to a speaker, so as soon as the baby starts to make noise, the speaker turns on and begins to play soothing white noise.

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