Vodafone is helping women protect themselves against thieves through an instructive and easy-to-use umbrella

In India, men often have to go work in larger cities in order to make a living wage for their wives and children back home in smaller villages. This, however, leaves their wives alone and open to physical attack from others, especially when collecting the money their spouses send them. Vodafone India, however, has implemented a program wherein these woman get a special protection tool: an umbrella.

While it may not be the deadliest or most effective weapon, Vodafone's umbrella provides women with an inconspicuous and easy to use tool of self-defense. As part of a campaign launched with Ogilvy Mumbai, anyone can send one of these umbrellas through Vodafone M-Pesa mobile money transfer, and will receive it when they go to their nearest Vodafone store to pick it up.

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