PSFK, in partnership with HP Matter, speaks to Nico Sell, co-founder of the world’s most secure peer-to-peer encrypted messaging system, about the perils of digital security

Innovation is the new currency in today’s Idea Economy. In recognition of the leaders who are disrupting our tech-driven world, the editors at thought leadership site partnered with HP Matter to create the Innovators Index, a roster of digital pioneers making a global impact. This week we’ve featured Nico Sell for her advocacy in internet security. 

Our digital lives hold the promise of unprecedented access to boundless sources of information and an ever-expanding network of people spanning the globe. But all this connectivity comes at a cost. These platforms for consuming, sharing and chatting put our online identities, activities and assets at risk of exposure and potential theft. Short of canceling all of their accounts in favor of pre-Internet behaviors like letter writing and trips to the library, most consumers don’t know the best ways to ensure their personal privacy and security.

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