As the name suggests, Hot Wire Extensions are beautiful structures made by heating nylon powder with an electrical current

Got 3D printing waste? No problem! Studio Ilio has got this one in the bag. Founders Fabio Hendry and Seongil Choi designed a process that allows wasted nylon powder from 3D printing to become beautiful and unique structures that can be used for aesthetics and functionality sake. They named the project Hot Wire Extensions.

From the project name itself, one can get a clue as to how the stool structures are made from simple wire structures. Hendry and Choi formed a nichrome wire that is made from the alloy of nickel, chromium and iron. They put the wire inside a container filled with cristobalite sand. To start the transformation process, an electrical current is used to heat up the wire and sand; it is heated to 500°c which enables the nylon powder to melt and stick to create a solid mass structure.

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