Executive Director & Founder of a designer-founder accelerator presents a redesign of the 9-to-5 work day and how to best implement play into work culture

From Mr. Burns to Office Space’s Bill Lumburgh to the horrible bosses of, well, Horrible Bosses, the hated, controlling, megalomaniacal boss and their miserable, micromanaged underlings have been a staple in movies and on TV for decades. And while these modern office archetypes are played for comedic effect, the sad reality is that it’s funny. And it’s funny because it’s true.  

In the modern work environment, as many as four in 10 full-time employed Americans report working more than 50 hours a week, and 40 percent of workers don’t take all the vacation days they’re entitled to. As technology makes employees accessible to their bosses even after they’ve laid their head on their pillow at night, many, including myself, are concerned about what all of this is doing to productivity, and more importantly for many businesses, creativity.

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