Japanese bike shop KooWho aims to increase awareness on a hazardous trend

To all cyclists, with love. That's the driving message behind cycling's most recent innovation, the Alcoho-Lock. A product of Japanese bike shop KOOWHO, the new product evolves the modern bike lock into a safety device to prevent cyclists from drinking and riding. Blending the hardware's breathalyzer technology with a supplemental application, the team aims to maximize efficacy of the product with a layer of interpersonal connectivity.

The tiered system requires a user to blow into the Alcohol-lock to unlock, allowing the device to analyze blood alcohol content. If the reading comes out positive, tracing alcohol in the user's bloodstream, the Bluetooth-enabled application will automatically send an alert to the user's predetermined partner, prompting them to reach out to the user to ensure they do not operate the bike after consumption. The integration of human contact adds an emotional and unexpected layer to the device's technology and advances the argument against riding under the influence.

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