Nike-sponsored Olympian Blake Leeper discusses how brand partnerships can help redefine "disability" in American culture

Taking a break from the archetypal slow-mo-flashing-lights-and-glory-in-strength commercials that have come define sportsmanship, Nike has selected a more inspirational tone of voice for its Inner Strength campaign. The documentary-style series has highlighted athletes from the culturally renown to lesser known yet noteworthy competitors. Nike takes a deeper look into what it takes—physical strength aside—to train and compete among the world's greatest.

Most recently, Nike followed a day in training of Blake Leeper, a Paralympic athlete who gained notoriety after a series of victories in track and field. Despite being born a double amputee, Leeper's charisma and optimism have drawn the attention of Nike, putting him in the company of pro golfer Rory McIlroy and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao. With an unwavering faith in a positive attitude and a dedication that is truly of Olympian caliber, Leeper inspires and awes in his quest to redefine strength in athleticism.

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