Designer Guan-Hao Pan's Love Guide packaging will help men overcome what afflicts 60 percent of condom users: slippage, rupture, and breaking

When condoms fail, it’s often because they’re the wrong size, or have been worn the wrong way. The Love Guide condom packaging concept would make it easy for users to select the right size. The condoms come in five packages of distinct diameters, and appropriately vegetable themes: are you a cucumber, carrot, banana, turnip or zucchini?

And as for the vegetable packing? According to Pan:

The idea of product package in the format of veggies is inspired by the Chinese saying that goes ” 食色性也”, which points out that sex is one of basic characteristics of human nature as well as food and we don’t have to feel embarrassing using it. Using condoms packaged as the format of varied veggies is as normal as meeting our eating needs, so that act of using them is healthy and natural.

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