Kinesic Mouse brings back the power to control a computer to those without the use of their hands

Markus Proell developed the Kinesic Mouse to help anyone to control a PC by simply making head and face movements.


Proell did not have any disability, but he was an avid video gamer. His fear of being unable to use his hands to control the computer ignited his need to develop a hands-free solution. The vision for the Kinesic Mouse began three years ago and now it is finally helping disabled individuals use computers smoothly.

Who will benefit from the Kinesic Mouse? People who suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and other conditions that can affect the use of hands. In fact, several individuals have already tried the Kinesic Mouse to either play or work and can’t express enough support for it.

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