If there is one storm you'd like to ravage your home, it's the one the Whirlwind produces through a wind vortex

Lick Me I’m Delicious, noted food innovators, have built a machine that spews out cotton candy at 60 MPH. The device is labeled Whirlwind and it uses a wind vortex to spin the stringy candy toward unsuspecting but all-too-happy adults.

The Whirlwind is not like the cotton candy machine you might find at a county fair. Inside the dome is a spinning hot disk that elongates crystals into flossy strings. Once they’re spun, a whirlwind shapes them into a hurricane and blows them out of the machine into a long train. Twizzler Magicians, folks responsible for catching the glorious mess, will be on the other end, twirling a stick to catch all the sugary goodness.

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