PSFK in partnership with HP Matter speak to Joyce Kim, co-founder and Executive Director of Stellar, about the importance of thinking globally and designing locally

Innovation is the new currency in today’s Idea Economy. In recognition of the leaders who are disrupting our tech-driven world, the editors at thought leadership site partnered with HP Matter to create the Innovators Index, a roster of digital pioneers making a global impact. This week we’ve featured Joyce Kim for her efforts to bring access to basic financial services to the entire world.

Despite all the radical changes taking place in the world, money remains the single most powerful force in people’s daily lives, ensuring their basic needs are being met and creating opportunities to get ahead. Yet in most parts of the world, even when people can count on a steady source of income, they still don’t have access to the basic financial infrastructure or knowledge for it to improve their quality of life. This not only impacts individuals, but by extension, entire communities and local economies that rely on the free flow of currency to encourage trade and growth.

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