Brinco is a personal seismograph and an earthquake and tsunami warning system that links with your smartphone to alert you before disaster strikes

Are you worried about that the terrifying earthquake that has a one in three chance of destroying the Pacific Northwest coastline in the next 50 years? Or maybe you were anxious reading news of the recent earthquakes in Nepal (the 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused over 8,000 deaths and over 17,000 casualties)? Brinco is a smart earthquake and tsunami warning system (and a seismograph) that wants to help prepare you for imminent disaster.


Though no one can predict an earthquake, Brinco can sense early seismic waves and give a specific warning with a few seconds of notice. A few seconds can actually make a difference: at home, it might mean standing under a door frame for safety. In a hospital, it’s enough time for a surgeon to stop right before a surgery.

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