The next immersive installment in Edible Cinema's series of sensory adventures will feature a unique menu corresponding to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Edible Cinema is a series of movie screenings enhanced with treats for the tastebuds as well as the eyes and ears. The multi-sensory adventures were first thought up by Soho House's members events manager Zoe Fletcher and Polly Betton from the unusual event specialists Teatime Production. A cinematic food experience was created, providing audience members with trays of small numbered containers that hold a canapé-sized serving or a mini cocktail.

Edible Cinema's bite-sized tasting menu brings to life what happens on the screen, with the various food items corresponding to different scenes. The film is shown to the audience after a short introduction, and at certain moments they are instructed to open a container. These moments are signalled by a screen-side light box, which illuminates the container number that should be opened and consumed. Edible Cinema's menu consultants, experimental chefs Blanch & Shock, work with the team to devise and develop a menu for each movie.

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