Printer company doesn't want you to buy new ink for two years as its line of EcoTank printers come loaded with super-high-capacity, refillable ink tanks

Epson has unveiled a new ink model that solves an all-too-common office and home problem while upending some of the industry's most basic practices. Five new printers in their line for this year ship with EcoTanks of ink, designs that let cartridges last up to two years each—as compared to the industry average of running through 20 in that amount of time.

These aren't “Super Big Gulp” sized ink reservoirs. Even if the size wouldn't be unwieldy, ink goes bad in less than two years. Instead, the printers ship with refillable reservoirs for each color. This reduces the cost of ink from $70 to $100 per year per color to $12.99 for a two-year bottle. Conceptually, this is similar to the ink-jet refilling that most consumers do anyway, only at a lower cost and with equipment manufactured to be refilled.

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