With cascading seats, the HD31 upgrades legroom and plane capacity on short-haul flights

Zodiac Aerospace’s HD31 plane seat design lets passengers 15 percent more legroom (translatable to 4″). Despite the extra space, it also allows airliners to add up to 30 more seats per cabin.

It makes perfect sense for budget airlines to find ways of stuffing more passengers into a plane. It keeps fares low and the business running but it’s a hard balance between efficiency and torture. The HD31, which surprisingly gives more space sans pain, might be the perfect solution.


Zodiac’s HD31 is designed for short-haul planes that have the 3-3 configuration (single aisle). To save up on floor space, the middle seat of every row faces the aisle and window seat. If you’re traveling with family, this means you get to chat with them like you’re having afternoon tea. If seated with strangers, have fun avoiding eye contact while donning lukewarm smiles.

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