Pay for Google’s Almost Free Food with Just a Photo

Pay for Google’s Almost Free Food with Just a Photo

To show off its platform's searchability, Google Photos Food Truck rewarded participants who paid with prompted photo searches

Azalea Pena
  • 26 august 2015

Free food is always fantastic. This is why Google decided to offer pedestrians free munchies. However, Google wanted to add some fun by asking people to show photos of something specific in exchange; the photos serve as “payment” for the free food. And so, Google Photos, in collaboration with innovation studio Deeplocal, launched the Google Photos Food Truck challenge.

The Google Photos Food Truck has already begun its tour in New York City and Los Angeles, with over 3,300 participants taking part in the challenge in NYC. It was certainly a fun day for everyone as no one goes home a loser.


The challenge starts with a large mechanized countdown clock that starts at 20 seconds. Below it, a list of terms will be picked randomly. Let’s say the term shows “beach,” the participant will have to go through their phone’s photos and look for the best beach photo they can find. If they can find a photo within 20 seconds, they win free food. If not, they can still win, but a smaller variant.

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What is the point of all this? Google wants to promote Google Photos, an app that homes all your phone’s photos and video in one place. The app makes it easy to organize your media files as well as locate any image or video file in just a matter of seconds. During the challenge, participants who lost were encouraged to use the app to make the search easier.


On August 28 and 29, the Google Photos Food Truck will be in Portland. They will also be in Austin on September 4 and 5. While Wafels & Dinges was the featured foodie in NYC and Coolhaus Ice Cream in L.A., the featured delicacy for Portland and Austin remains a surprise.

Moreover, singer Madison Beer and actor Nyambi Nyambi joined the L.A. Google Photos Food Truck and served ice cream to the challenge participants themselves. Who is up for the task in Portland and Austin?

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