After dealing with the abuse from a 3000g bronze brush, Innerexile's Hydra iPhone 6 case healed in 30 seconds

Can this be true? Can this be real? A self-repair iPhone 6 case is in our midst and this could solve every iPhone case problem you have. Innerexile has developed Hydra, an instant self-repair case for the latest smartphone from Apple.

Innerexile is a company that operates all the way from Taipei, Taiwan. A company focused on designing and creating products to improve the mobile lifestyle, Innerexile offers what seems to be a game changer for all iPhone 6 users.

With busy and hectic lifestyles, it is easy to neglect your phone’s well-being. In a hurry, you just put your iPhone in your pocket while commuting, not realizing that it’s rubbing side by side your coins and keys. Later, you’ll be disappointed to see your iPhone decorated with irreversible scratches here and there. There’s nothing else left to do but to bear this sight every day.

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