Book and Bed Tokyo is a hostel that doubles as a book store for well-read travelers looking for a place to spend the night in Japan's capital

Have you ever loved a book store so much you wished you could sleep amongst the many shelves, staying up late into the night reading after all the other patrons have gone? For those lucky enough to live in or visit Tokyo, that dream can come true thanks to Book and Bed Tokyo, a hostel that allows guests to rest and relax inside rows of books.

R-STORE, one of Japan's premiere real estate websites, is launching a hybrid hostel and bookstore to cater to the needs of book lovers and travelers alike. Targeted to overseas tourists visiting Tokyo, every bed is located behind the bookshelves, meaning a quiet and cozy experience away from the public eye. The hostel will also offer day time service as well, if you need a place to grab a quick nap or just spend some downtime.

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