Enjoy a Good Read (and Nap) at a Book and Bed Hostel

Enjoy a Good Read (and Nap) at a Book and Bed Hostel
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Book and Bed Tokyo is a hostel that doubles as a book store for well-read travelers looking for a place to spend the night in Japan's capital

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 4 august 2015

Have you ever loved a book store so much you wished you could sleep amongst the many shelves, staying up late into the night reading after all the other patrons have gone? For those lucky enough to live in or visit Tokyo, that dream can come true thanks to Book and Bed Tokyo, a hostel that allows guests to rest and relax inside rows of books.

R-STORE, one of Japan’s premiere real estate websites, is launching a hybrid hostel and bookstore to cater to the needs of book lovers and travelers alike. Targeted to overseas tourists visiting Tokyo, every bed is located behind the bookshelves, meaning a quiet and cozy experience away from the public eye. The hostel will also offer day time service as well, if you need a place to grab a quick nap or just spend some downtime.

book and bed tokyo

Created in collaboration with designers Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida from Suppose Design Office, the hostel will be located just off the Ikebukuro station. The books were picked out by Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers and are catered not only to international travelers but to local Japanese patrons. The books can be bought right off the shelves, so you can feel free to browse the shelves without having to stay the night.

What this provides is a new kind of traveling experience for those who are looking for a different type of sleeping experience. Having a hostel located in the middle of a store provides an interesting public and private mixture of spaces, but the presence of the books makes the atmosphere cozier and more home-like than a traditional hostel.


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This is not the first book and bed combination hotel in the world. Iceland and Norway both have their own versions of this bibliophilic retreat if you happen to live, do business in, or travel often to those countries. Book and Bed Tokyo will be opening its doors to well-read adventurers in late September.

Book and Bed Tokyo

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