Amy Wibow's hand-made booklets use drawings, comics, and slang to teach the ABCs of programming

Despite its utility in every aspect our daily lives, for many, learning how to code is a daunting task. The dense, technical nature of most traditional computer science textbooks often fails to capture the creativity—or, as Amy Wibowo likes to call it, “magic”—inherent to coding.  Wibowo’s BubbleSort Zines hope to combat this problem by presenting elementary topics in computer science in an engaging and accessible way.

According to the statistics Google highlights in their Made With Code project that aims to get young girls interested in coding, only 0.3 percent of high school girls report that they plan to major in computer science in college. Wibowo, an MIT alum and programmer who has worked with Honda and Airbnb, explains that her mission is to make computer science a more welcoming field to young girls in particular:

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