Everyone captures their "I do's," but, with Ring Cam, you can capture the "yes" that started it it all

Simple and easy to use, Ring Cam replaces a normal engagement ring box with one that captures wedding proposals from the moment a man gets on his knee. Engineered with a wide-angle lens, the device ensures that placement and missed shots won’t ever be an issue and is activated by the touch of a button to capture sound and footage so as to always cherish this all-too important moment.


Make Your Proposal Timeless…By Recording ItMake Your Marriage Proposal Timeless…By Recording ItRing Cam replaces a normal engagement ring box with one that captures marriage proposals from the moment a man gets on his knee.Learn more: https://www.psfk.com/2015/08/marriage-proposal-ideas-ring-cam-film-your-proposal.html

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