Versatile concept from design student Jessica Stoll caters to people who may want to eat from their laps

When design student Jessica Stoll was tasked with re-packaging an existing product, she decided to give McDonald’s Big Mac a redesign and came up with a solution that aims to deliver an engaging experience for consumers. Eating on-the-go is usually an awkward process, with lots of time spent trying to find fries that have escaped to the bottom of the bag.

This versatile two-sided meal carrier concept combines the burger and fries into one form, created with a single die cut. It is more convenient and intuitive than the standard packaging, featuring a separate compartment for the food items to fit snuggly inside. Depending on the consumer’s needs, it can either be stood in an upright position to eat at a table or the sides can be folded in to eat while seated. This forms a tapered diamond shape that can be wedged in-between your legs, making it much easier to eat with one hand. Stoll notes:

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