Stantt is a menswear brand that boasts 75 custom shirt sizes

Menswear brand Stantt sells shirts in 75 different sizes, promising a perfect fit for every order. The fashion startup that raised over $120,000 on Kickstarter dreams to change the way men shop for clothes online.

The regular S, M, L, etc. fits only about 15 percent of men perfectly, the rest either have to spend extra cash on tailoring or tuck extra fabric below the belt. To counter this problem, Stantt has developed 75 different sizes that will fit 95 percent of men.

Matt Hornbuckle, CEO and co-founder for Stantt, told PSFK that they came up with their sizing system by scouring over 500,000 data points from 3D scans of human bodies. Through 3D modelling and analysis, the Stantt team was able to gain understanding how the human body was built and how to make clothes for it.

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