Eat Your Chocolate Cake with the Perfect Soundtrack

Eat Your Chocolate Cake with the Perfect Soundtrack
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Munchery and Google Play Music team up to turn a simple meal into a dining experience

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 18 august 2015

Creating an exquisite and unforgettable meal is all about the right pairings. What appetizers go with the main dish, what wine pairs best with all the components, all integral to making the entire affair just right. Now there’s a way to pair your food with the perfect meal-time playlist, thanks to high-end food delivery system Munchery.

From August 17th through September 11th, Munchery is teaming up with Google Play Music to turn a simple, elegant meal into a music-filled dining experience. This option will only be available twice a week, as part of the daily menu offerings on the website, at no extra cost. Munchery will provide the custom playlists using songs available on Google Play Music, and will pair them with specific dishes.

Some of the playlists include “Coffee Shop Indie Radio,” paired with their decadent chocolate cake, “Sunny Patio Vibes,” to go along with their light grilled chicken and broccolini, and “Classic Rock Summer,” paired with classic baby back ribs and beans. Song will be selected from pre-existing Google Play Music radio stations.

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Munchery’s focus is on creating and delivery delicious and nutrious meals in a way that helps communities at multiple levels. All the meals are prepared with local chefs using locally sourced and all natural ingredients, and every meal purchased also prompts the company to make a donation to local food bank. The service offers diners specific dishes from chefs, chilled and sent to the customer in ready-to-microwave packages. While Munchery is only available in select cities on the West Coast of the United States as well as New York City, the service is continuing to expand to new cities.

This is one of the first times a food prep and delivery service has provided more than just cuisine and cutlery, combining different elements to create a specific atmosphere. If successful, it could start a trend where your favorite Chinese takeout might come with the same soundtrack they play in the restaurant.

Munchery // Google Play Music

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