Taste the rainbow, or have a Black Coffee 19-1111, at the Pantone Cafe, where every menu item was inspired by a color on Pantone's color space

At the Pantone Cafe in Monaco, you can grab a scoop of Mango 17-1446 ice cream or a Strawberry Pink 16-1731 éclair, before washing your snack down with a glass of Vibrant Orange 16-364 juice.

That’s because every menu item at the cafe—which was created by the Monaco Restaurant Group in collaboration with Pantone—was inspired by one of the 2058 solid colors in Pantone’s Goe color system. The color company tells PSFK:

Pantone Cafe aims to add a another sensory element to color and food by urging guests to “taste the color.” Every item sold in the Pantone Cafe has a corresponding Pantone color code, combining vision, taste and design for a sensual culinary experience.

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