GROWTH is a project that explores what happens when vases conform to plants, instead of the other way around

Beyond their functional purpose, vases are a fixture of good design. Choose the right one, and your coffee table can instantly look 10 times more sophisticated. But some plants can change considerably once they start growing—and ultimately outgrow the vase you so carefully picked out. Thankfully, Studio Ayaskan came up with a solution to this indoor planting problem: a vase that conforms to the plant's changing shape and size.

GROWTH uses an origami-like design to morph into the perfect vase for plants as they grow. The vase is made up of triangular shapes in a geometric design, making it easier for the vase to be re-shaped and restructured as a plant widens and grows. The vase can rearrange itself to almost six times its size in order to accommodate the growth of a plant and is best used with trees and large plants.

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