Titanium Falcon will launch a versatile game controller in the form of a small, wearable ring

In the future, you might be able to play your favorite video game just by wearing a ring on your finger. A California startup named Titanium Falcon wants to launch the world's first smart ring game controller, and if they’re successful, Talon could change gaming in a big way.

The Talon ring is expected to cost less than $100. At less than 3.8mm thick, it will be unobtrusive, easy to wear—and easy to take wherever you go.

Talon will connect with all smart devices (phone, tablet, smart TV, smart watch, a computer or a VR headset). The ring uses a 9-axis motion control sensor to convert a player’s finger gestures to in-game controls, and will be compatible with nearly every type of game, including shooting, racing and sports games. The Talon also comes with two action buttons for more control options.

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