FoPo Food Powder consists of dried fruits and vegetables that gives food waste a new life and helps combat world hunger

Lund University international students Gerald Marin, Vita Jarolimkova and Kent Ngo are on a mission to save the 40 percent of food we produce from being wasted by turning it into food powder. Through a freeze-drying and pulverizing method, unsellable food that has almost expired can have its shelf life increased from around two weeks to two years. Through FoPo Food Powder, the students see food waste as an opportunity to create something more useful in order to combat world hunger.

FoPo Food Powder could be used to help those with limited access to food and deliver vital nutrients during humanitarian missions. Bacteria causes spoilage and loves water, so by drying fruits and vegetables they can be saved from expiration. The team explored different drying techniques and created this food powder, which maximizes logistics distribution while retaining the nutritional content of the food.

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