The Sensel Morph is a pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that lets users interact with digital devices in new ways

The Sensel Morph is a pressure-sensitive input device that can detect the user’s fingers as well as objects like paintbrushes and drumsticks.

The multi-touch device enables users to interact with the digital world in a whole new way. Powered by patented Pressure Grid technology, Morph has a high dynamic range of force sensitivity. It can be connected to computers via USB, to an iPad via Bluetooth, or to Arduino via developer cables.

Morph is versatile, with a wide range of use cases in the fields of music, art, gaming, making, productivity and software development. The same device can be used in each of these areas, with various Overlays that are automatically detected. These are made of a thin, flexible layer that can be placed over the device to provide a visual “map” and tactile feedback for each mode’s unique functionality. The Overlays include a QWERTY keyboard, video game controller, piano, art tablet and music production controller.

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