Perfect for those who love the outdoors, Paxis makes use of a swinging pod that docks at your midriff

It’s quite inconvenient to remove your backpack completely just to be able to rummage inside it. If you’re wearing a Paxis, however, this hassle will be a thing of history. Paxis was designed to allow any backpacker to have quick access to a backpack’s contents through the magic of ARC swing technology.

Paul Vierthaler, co-founder of Paxis shared that the Paxis design was a result of his wife Cathy’s challenge. Vierthaler is an outdoor enthusiast who lived on a remote island for 30 years, in which he realized that a solution must be made to remove the inconvenience of accessing gear found in backpacks. He drew his design, consulted with a welder and the next thing you know, Paxis was born.

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