Hyundai Gala's smoking and non-smoking lanes celebrate National Day Against Tobacco and hope to nudge smokers to quit

Is it really possible to put smoking and non-smoking lanes on public sidewalks? Hyundai Gala from Brazil celebrated the National Day Against Tobacco with this creative idea.

“Nobody likes to walk behind smokers. So we created two ways to avoid this problem,” is the English translation of the text seen on the first part of HMB Gala’s video “Trânsito Saudável.”

True enough, nobody likes walking side by side a smoker too. Just imagine walking to a board meeting wearing your new suit and tie only to smell like tobacco when you reach the office. Or what about strolling down the street with your baby, but when you do, you walk behind a smoker and you can’t help but worry that your precious little one will inhale the smoke.

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