Industrial Designer for Kwambio Ivan Zhurba helps you beat tech obsolescence in a functional alternative to recycling

Ivan Zhurba has a new way to make use of your retired iPhones. Instead of throwing them out or recycling them, how about turning them into your next bedside or office lamp. A simple bracket with sleek, “Apple-y” lines plays host to your iPhone, and uses its charger as the power source.

The lamp is compatible with four iPhone models: 4, 4s, 5 and 5c. Though no older or newer models are compatible, it provides a functional alternative to recycling or Craigslist.

Zhurba’s design of the lamp resembles a capital ‘C’, although more jagged with sharper angles than the casual curves. The phone slips in on the top, leaving a small crack at the end exposed for the LED light. This sleek design also amplifies the iPhone's speakers using the acoustics of the material, which combine with its open-frame shape to provide natural amplification of the sounds played on the device.

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