Eco-friendly label Reformation rolls out a clothing recycling program for the lazy

The RefRecycling initiative by Reformation invites shoppers to recycle clothes they probably won’t use anymore by getting rid of them entirely. Every customer from the online store gets a box and a free shipping label they can fill with clothes that would otherwise land in the dump.

The program is in partnership with Community Recycling (CR), an organization that resells used clothing in bulk to communities in over 50 countries where people would be unable to afford them new.

Each shopper will get a little manual on recycling (for lazy people) along with the box the items they bought came in and shipping labels. Shoppers just fill the boxes with items they won’t (or shouldn’t) be wearing anymore. Because the items are destined for reuse as is, CR rules require that these items should be in good condition. The items are then shipped to the CR headquarters for sorting before being sent to their final destination in any of the 50 countries the organization operates in.

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