Instead of displacing human bartenders, HoLLiE the robot helped them make over 280 cocktails at a party in Berlin

HoLLiE is a cocktail making machine. HoLLiE is robot with two anthropomorphic, five-finger hands which assisted two human bartenders to keep the liquor flowing at the Stallwächter Party in Berlin this year.

HoLLiE’s left and right robot arms move independently. The right picks up empty glasses, while the left holds up the glasses to add spirits and infusions to cocktails. Then, the human bartender takes over to add the finishing touches: more alcohol, and a straw or two.

HoLLiE can also shake hands with guests and communicate in German. Her small talk is fairly limited (“Bramble Fizz coming up next!” and “Could someone please bring me new glasses?”), but her energy never sags, even after over seven hours of work.

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