The Scriba is a digital pen that changes its functionality after a small press through squeeze-motion tech

Using a stylus to work on a tablet is supposed to make the process feel more like drawing or writing, and less like working on a computer. This gets less to be the case the more you have to tap the screen to change the settings on your writing implement. Scriba wants to fix that problem by allowing users to change all settings using the stylus alone.

David Craig's stylus is a Kickstarted project that connects the writing tool to a tablet or other device via Bluetooth. From that connection, a user sets up the stylus with each program to set gestures like a squeeze at one point, or a twist or stroke elsewhere, to translate to changes in brush size or color, or to activate program functions. The end experience is not only faster and less interruptive than tapping a tablet screen, it's quicker and more seamless than searching for a new real-life pencil or mixing a new color of paint.

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