New devices and apps are giving you the feedback to break bad habits and build positive ones

Too much red meat, too many late nights, not enough exercise—we all have our bad habits. But knowing them and changing them are two very different things. Even with the staggering volume of resources dedicated to dispensing the latest tips and techniques for making changes in our lives, PSFK Labs’ Live, Work, Play Better Report reveals that most of us could still use some extra assistance with our plans for self-improvement.

If you’re trying to spend less time checking email, remember to take breaks throughout your workday or boost your productivity, there’s a new set of digital tools and services to make it easier for you. By offering feedback at moments when we might slip or providing motivation to keep us on track, these technologies are helping us develop better habits through “Incremental Improvement.” With some assistance from the right app or connected device, you could be on your way to a healthier and more balanced life. 

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