Fuseproject has worked with Canal+ to design Le Cube S, a small and sleek box that fits in your palm but that provides full-colored images and logos

Fuseproject has been working with the French TV brand Canal+ for the past eight years to reimagine the set-top box. The latest iteration, Le Cube S, is the culmination of their work. As technology has advanced, they have been able to consistently bring new innovations to the set-top box. The aim was to create an object that people would be happy to display in the living room. The small black box has been designed to be subtly stunning and desirable for the home.

The tiny cube, which measures just 8x8cm, is less than a quarter of the size of their previous set-top boxes and will fit in the palm of your hand. They were able to achieve this size reduction by removing the hard drive and storing it in the corresponding white stand.

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