Make a splash with the fashion-forward SHHHOWERCAP

The age-old shower cap, now mostly relegated to travel hacks and sitcom setups, has received an upgrade. Brooklyn-based art director Jacquelyn De Jesu has reimagined the prophylactic hair dryer into a turban-inspired headpiece using high-tech fabrics. You might not think “shower cap” when first seeing SHHHOWERCAP, but it will do the job, and with style.

De Jesu’s journey to creating SHHHOWERCAP starts with her mother, who was a hairdresser. De Jesu was taught to never shampoo every day for optimum hair health, and to use a shower cap to avoid wetting her locks on days when she only showered. As a designer, she ultimately turned her attention to a tool that made too much noise, often grew to smell bad, and is embarrassing to be caught wearing.

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