The CMYK 4.0 is loaded with smart features to ensure a cyclist's convenience, safety and peace of mind

Undoubtedly, riding a bike going to a particular destination is quick, somewhat traffic-free and, needless to say, environment-friendly. However, there are several road risks involved when riding a bike on public and busy streets. Brooklyness created a smart electric folding bike called the CMYK 4.0, designed to provide a cyclist with the best information to stay away from any possible road hazard.

Brooklyness, a company that puts urban mobility as the ultimate goal of their innovative products, wanted the CMYK 4.0 to be the best biking experience for each cyclist. It has a built-in 250-watt motor that provides 30 miles of biking in just one charge. The bike falls under the category “pedalec,” where the bike gives the cyclist assistance or extra force to improve biking speed.

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