Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Am I the Healthiest One of All?

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Am I the Healthiest One of All?

Wize Mirror measures a person's overall health score and dishes out friendly health advice, too

Azalea Pena
  • 10 august 2015

Worlds away from talking mirrors of fairy tale fame, a group of researchers are developing a smart mirror that can actually tell if you are healthy or not. Semeoticons leads the study and development of the Wize Mirror that aims to detect early signs of disease in the person.

With the Wize Mirror, staring or looking at yourself in the mirror has gone beyond vanity purposes. Now, it has become your health tool to give you a daily check-up right in your bathroom or bedroom.

How does the Wize Mirror exactly work? Semeoticons is making the mirror with built-in sensors and scanners. The facial recognition software looks for signs of stress and anxiety. The 3D scanners analyze face shape to determine any weight loss or gain. The multispectral cameras gauge the heartbeat as well as the hemoglobin levels of the blood, while the gas sensors analyzes a sample of the user’s breath.



As many would always say, prevention is better than cure and this is the one of the goals behind the Wize Mirror.

“Primary prevention is the most viable approach to reduce the socio-economic burden of chronic and widespread diseases, such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases,” the researchers said. “The Wize Mirror detects and monitors over time semiotic face signs related to cardio-metabolic risk, and encourages users to reduce their risk by improving their lifestyle.”

The Wize Mirror isn’t the first smart mirror made. There Ming-Zher Pho’s Smart Mirror is a mirror that shows the vital signs of the user. Further, there is Cardiio, an app used with a smartphone camera to monitor the heart rate the blood levels in the face. There’s also SenseGlass, a program that uses Google Glass to measure someone’s moods and emotions.

A time will come when scientists and researchers will be able to make every mirror a smart one so we can all be on top of the state of our health.

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