The Co-Founder and Creative Lead of a creative agency reflects on the heights made possible by a partnership between elite brands and social impact culture

In our work creating shared value platforms for brands we've observed there may be both a preoccupation and a prejudice in today’s social impact culture—the purpose-driven businesses and organizations seeking to create positive change—that may be limiting the speed and scale of betterment in our world.

Among this group of emerging impact technology startups, NGOs, impact investing VCs, public initiatives, strategic communication firms, nonprofits, and swaths of participating general citizens, there appears to be an obsessive, sometimes even maniacal, fixation on whatever is the new shiny object du jour. The belief being the answers to a better world must reside in the shiny and new. And so there is a hurried swarming to the new “game-changing” technology, the new “category-killing” startup, the most-shared video from TED, the yearly pilgrimages to SXSW, Disrupt, Summit Series, and the latest whispers from Sand Hill Rd.

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