Anglers can help the the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service help preserve fish populations with social app Fishbrain

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service collaborated with FishBrain to help engage sportsmen in tracking endangered wildlife. The application invites campers and anglers to share when and where they spot rare wildlife with their friends, information also available to researchers and conservationists working on protecting endangered fish populations.

FishBrain was first intended to provide a social media application for anglers, where users could get or share updates on weather, wind direction, sun phases and wind speed to help plan their days. Users could also also post pictures of their catches alongside details of size, species and length of their captures. An optional feature includes a large map that shows the locations of catches and sightings reported by other members. The new app maintains the social sharing and planning resource elements of the original, but allows anglers to use their “fish stories” to help preserve fish populations.

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