20-year-old Ivan Mrvoš and his classmates built a solar e-bench that stores 10-days worth of energy

Together with his colleagues, 20-year-old Ivan Mrvoš built a smart bench that allows any user to charge their mobile phones, tablets and even use it as an Internet hotspot.

This invention is indeed a first in Croatia and it is truly a marvelous one from a young man. Mrvoš called the bench Solarna e-klupa or “solar e-bench” in English. The bench, of course, is mostly used for sitting, but its extra features make it noteworthy.

The Solarna e-klupa runs on solar energy and it can provide and use solar power for 10 days. The solar energy is what is used to charge mobile devices, fire up the hotspot, enable use of air sensors and more importantly, serve as an illuminating street light at night.

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