Sriracha Tastes Better in Caviar Form

Sriracha Tastes Better in Caviar Form

Sphereracha could disrupt the way you experience everyone's favorite hot sauce

Leigh Ann Renzulli
  • 31 august 2015

David Ma describes himself as an “advertising writer turned food stylist.” His latest creation, which he calls Sphereracha, may change the way we eat the chili sauce Sriracha.

“For such a widely loved condiment, it seemed like Sriracha was due for something a little fancier,” said Ma. That something is sphereification, or the conversion of liquids into solid spheres.

According to Ma, sphereification is a simple process that involves dropping any liquid into a sodium alginate bath. A chemical reaction occurs, creating solid sphere versions of the desired liquid.

Sphereracha DavidMa_Stylist psfk

“If you have the right materials and chemicals, really all it is is dropping droplets into a solution,” said Ma. “Anyone who can spend $120 on Amazon can learn this in an afternoon. It’s pretty much plug-and-play.”

Ma decided to mix the Sriracha with honey, resulting in little beads of the sweet and spicy mixture about the size of caviar. Sphereracha is not only delicious, but would allow chefs to have much more fun plating dishes with Sriracha in sphere form.

Sphereracha psfk

“It’s different and it’s definitely elevated,” said Ma, “It’s a new and exciting way to eat Sriracha.”

The next step for Ma is to reach out to the major Sriracha manufacturers about a sponsorship so that Sphereracha can be mass-produced. But in the meantime, Ma and his partner Monica Lo, are planning to experiment with more innovative flavors.

“We are thinking of a lime-Sriracha flavor, and we also plan to experiment with different Asian sauces like oyster sauce and soy sauce,” said Ma.



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