A Standing Desk for Work and Especially Play

A Standing Desk for Work and Especially Play
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With health concerns in mind, Evodesk’s Gaming Desk makes the chair-free office space trend available for gamers

Leo Lutero
  • 28 august 2015

The standing desk revolution has gotten rid of the office chair comfort for the sake of health. While it found popularity amongst people who work, it’s now being introduced to the gaming community with products like Evodesk’s Gaming Desk, a stand-up computer table specially designed for gamers.

When they say designed with hardcore gamers in mind, they don’t just mean the color scheme. Evodesk has taken into account every particular gaming need. For example, the desk surface is EvoGuard-finished, a trademarked surface coating with thousands of light-reflecting points kind to high-end gaming optical mouse.

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The minimalism coupled with a discrete cable management system also lets the eyes focus on the screen and what surrounds it. Monitor arms keep the gaming desk clear and provide better positioning for the display screen (or two).

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The desk is convertible and can raise up to 49.5” or 4’1” with a powerful motor able to lift up to 355 lbs. or 161 kilos of high-end computing rig. It’s also made from 100% reclaimed or recycled wood. The desk can starts at $599.

The dangers of spending long hours slumped on a chair have been discussed online, many fueled by a 21-year study on sedentary lifestyle. According to the research, sitting down for over 23 hours a week meant an alarming 37 percent increase in the likelihood of cardiovascular disease-related death. Meanwhile, a related threat to health has been attributed exclusively to gamers.

The “gamer’s thrombosis” is a condition which usually develops in gamers who play non-stop for hours at a time. The thrombosis, or blood clots, usually form in the legs where the sitting position can put pressure on veins. These clots can break apart, travel to crucial organs like the heart, developing serious complications and eventually, death.

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According to the 2015 Entertainment Software Association software, the average American gamer has been playing for 13 years while this NPD Group report notes core gamers spend 22 hours per week playing. While that number can seem small (about 3 hours a day), that’s already 95 percent of the study’s threshold yet it adds on top of hours spent behind a desk or while watching television.

Although standing desks aren’t the perfect solution, with all this knowledge on hand, gamers should also be given the choice to sit down or rise.


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