Purchase Your Starbucks With a Phone Case Tap

Purchase Your Starbucks With a Phone Case Tap
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The Starbucks Touch phone case combines fashion with further convenience

Jason Brick
  • 5 august 2015

Uniform Experiment, a men’s clothing line based in Japan, has teamed up with global coffee giant Starbucks to create the Starbucks Touch phone case. Based on a setting named in an accompanying app, this case will automatically order and pay for your favorite coffee drink. All you need to do is wait for your order with your name charmingly misspelled on the cup. A history feature tracks the order and payment in case there’s need to reference either later on.

The Starbucks Touch case comes in a simple design with the Starbucks logo, made to look like a Starbucks coffee cup complete with that grocery-bag-colored sleeve that keeps you from burning your hands. A second design features an abstract collection of colored squares with the Starbucks logo peeking around one side, again like a cup rotated slightly off center.

starbucks pay by touch.png

This is not the first time Starbucks has experimented with simplifying the payment and order process using peoples’ smart phones. As early as 2009, some stores in the United States were using Bluetooth-connected ordering and payment apps, though they did not appear in many stores at that time.

Whether or not the Starbucks Touch case is the best solution, Starbucks has lots to gain from finding a way to solve for long customer lines. Waits longer than it takes to drink the beverage are common enough in urban locations it has become a trope in comedy acts and shows. By eliminating the order process—by far the most time-consuming part of the customer’s experience in a Starbucks— this wait can be all but eliminated.

Starbucks Phone.jpg

The cases are only available in two stores in Japan, and only for the iPhone 6, as of August 2015. Neither Starbucks nor Uniform Experiment has announced when or whether they will expand the offering to other markets, or bring the program to Europe or the United States.

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