Through the power of 3D printing (and plenty of inventiveness), Russell Munro surprises his son with a "robot in disguise"

Every child wants to have a birthday their friends will talk about for weeks. Father and YouTube video maker Russell Munro, has managed to do exactly that. He made a birthday cake in the shape of Transformer Optimus Prime, one able to transform into a standing robot with a humanoid chassis.


Munro does not go into deep details of how he went about creating the shifting model. What he does reveal allows viewers to know they're looking at a creation from 3D printing.

There are five major components to these printed pieces: each arm, the chest, the thighs and the lower legs. The thighs and the chest are the only obvious moving parts with the lower legs standing in place to support all of the movement. A pair of arms pops out from the chest once the robot is fully standing.

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