While it's not Barbie's house, Trulia has put a real-world real estate value on global toy manufacturer's Playmobil Modern Luxury Mansion

Real estate website Trulia is expanding the remit of its listings, with its latest valuation: a toy mansion by Playmobil. It estimates that the latest product from the global toy manufacturer would be worth $6 million…if it was located in Malibu and was sized for humans.

Trulia scaled up the toy mansion to its real-life size: 5,676 square-feet, and imagined it in different upscale locales in order to come to a valuation. Entered into the equation were the amenities that come with the house, which include a pool, a gourmet eat-in kitchen and a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. While the house has its highest price valuation in Malibu, the two-story house would only be worth around $4.8 million in the Hamptons and $1.6 million in Miami.

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