Designed with a C-shaped handle, the Phone-brella won't let it rain on your texting parade

With a handle that wraps around your forearm, you don’t need to wait for shade when texting with this umbrella. This redesign, named Phone-brella, specializes in letting smartphone users do their thing even under intense rain.

The umbrella can trace its roots to years before zero AD. It’s a handy tool as a roof that people can bring around, serving as a single-pole habitat that protect people from elements like rain and intense sunshine.

But with changing times it has become insufficient. In today’s world where it is impossible to “just walk,” there is the need to check phones, send messages or read on-the-go, all while strutting down uneven pavements or across busy city roads. Under the rain, a hand on the umbrella means half of your mobile productivity is gone.

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