Deakin University makes virtual reality a shared experience so as to give a glimpse at campus life

It’s that time of year again—the beaches are clearing out and universities are filling up. But while most incoming freshman are getting introduced to school grounds the old fashioned way, students at tech oriented Deakin University are flying around campus. Well, virtually that is.

As part of Open Day for new scholars, the Australian school reinvented the virtual reality experience and the campus tour in one, creating a two-minute drone led tour of the school’s four campuses.

Nicknamed Flight DX3K, the immersive virtual reality tour lets students experience the campus from a bird’s eye perspective. But since a key component of the traditional campus tour is a shared experience, the creators behind the project wanted to reimagine the VR experience itself, and transform it from one of strapping on a headset into one that involves an entire virtual room.

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